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Alfamacchine AMP Power Twist Universal V Nails 10mm Hardwood 3000

Dhs. 75.00
SKU 0201010419

Alfamacchine AMP Power Twist Universal V Nails 10mm Hardwood 3000

Power Twist – Engineered to give the tightest corner join

Power Twist V Nails have been engineered by Alfamacchine to achieve the tightest corner join. The tapered shape and elasticity of the steel makes the V Nail twist outwards as it enters the molding, once inserted the V Nail pulls the mitered edges together as it contracts to return to its original shape, resulting in a tightly closed corner join.

Power Twist Universal V-Nails is 10.3mm wide and fit most brands of Underpinners including Inmes and Cassese. They are sometimes referred to as UNI Wedges by other manufacturers. 

We recommend Power Twist V Nails for framers of any level because they consistently help achieve a tighter corner join, stay perfectly straight and reduce jamming. V Nails are a relatively low-cost element of making a frame, so we suggest using the best.  

  • Local Gulf Regional Stockiest -  UAE Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Pakistan, Dubai, Iran, Qatar.

• Power Twist Design Technology
The patented taper shape of Power Twist V Nails twists outwards as the V Nail is inserted into the molding, which then pulls the join tightly together once inserted as it contracts to return to its original shape.  

• Consistent High-Quality Steel Construction
The same exceptional quality control and detailed design that Alfamacchine Underpinners are renowned for, goes into their V Nails. Power Twist V Nails are made from only the best carbon steel and as a result, they stay consistently straight when inserted. This is particularly useful in timber with a variable grain such as Finger Jointed Pine.

• Silicone Coating Formula
A silicone formula is used to stack the wedges rather than adhesive, as the residue from adhesives is a common cause of jamming in the firing mechanism of Underpinners. The silicone also acts as a lubricant, ensuring V Nails slide smoothly into the molding. 

• Available for Normal or Hardwood
Power Twist Universal V Nails are available for both Normal and Hardwood. The silicone on the V Nail strips is color-coded for easy identification. Clear for Normal, Brown for Hardwood.

• Available in Five Different Sizes
Available in 5, 7, 10, 12 & 15mm.

• Designed and Manufactured by Alfamacchine in Italy
Alfamacchine is a world-renowned Italian manufacturer of high-quality, specialist equipment and consumables for picture framing. Commercial framers of all sizes choose Alfamacchine for extremely reliable, easy-to-use underpinners and double-miter saws that offer excellent value for money. The same thoughtful design and superior build quality go into all Alfamacchine equipment and consumables.