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Alfamacchine U600 Memory Programmable Multi Channel Underpinner

Original price Dhs. 71,000.00
Current price Dhs. 67,245.00

U-600 Memory Programmable Multi Channel Underpinner

Programmable underpinners, ideal for joining wood and polymer moldings.
Perfect for volume joining of picture frames, wood doors, and trim and window units.

Features common to Alfamacchine U500 and U600 Multi-Channel

  • Can be programmed to store:
  • - Size, number and position of v-nails
  • - Cycle speed to suit hardness of moulding
  • - Barcode associated with moulding
  • Upload profile data for up to 5000 mouldings. USB port makes it easy to back-up data and share it between machines.
  • Operator uses touch screen or optional barcode scanner to call up the correct settings.
  • Comfortably handles almost all types and profiles of wood and polymer mouldings
  • Join mouldings up to 105mm wide and 80mm tall. Max spacing between v-nails 145mm
  • Double hydraulic top pressure pads, ideal for wider or more complex profiles.
  • Bespoke mode allows operator to check clamping before v-nails are inserted
  • Counter for output control - production records can be downloaded as .xls file
  • Now fitted with new L-Pad top clamping system.
Extra features of U600 Multi-Channel

  • 5, 7, 10, 12 & 15mm v-nail channels for uninterrupted production. No v-nail blocks to change.
  • In the same working cycle, the operator can insert and/or stack different v-nail heights in several different positions.
  • Patented configurable multi-channel magazine.

      Why buy me? Channels to hold all 5 V Nail sizes for uninterrupted production.

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