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Awagami FineArt Mitsumata White Double Layered - A3+ - (10 Sheets)

by Awagami
Dhs. 465.00

Awagami FineArt Mitsumata White Double Layered - A3+ - (10 Sheets)

Mitsumata Double-Layered is an elegant smooth washi with a warm tone and very subtle gloss. The top printable side is made from 100% Japanese Mitsumata fiber while the back (peel-away) side of pulp is discarded after separating. Separate the layers from one corner fist and attach them to the middle of a tube or cylinder. Slowly roll the tube with paper across the sheet to gently pull the layers apart as you roll. A very unique sheet, this paper is typically used for fine art, backlit photography, sculptural printworks, reproduction of fine art prints, scrolls, and antique replicas. *After peeling, the printed sheet will be approximately 1/3 third of the original thickness.

  • weight: 95 gsm
  • Thickness: 0.18mm
  • Material: Mitsumata (Printable front side) / Wood pulp (peelaway side)
Local Gulf Regional Stockiest -  UAE Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Pakistan, Dubai, Iran, Qatar.