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08-950 - Fletcher-Terry Framers Points 16mm Box 3000

Dhs. 95.00

08-950 - Fletcher-Terry Framers Points 16mm Box 3000

16mm long rigid framers point specially made for the black Fletcher FrameMaster point driver

They drive in flush, quickly, and neatly into most wood and PS moldings to hold the frame back in place. Much quicker and less effort than any other method.

Reversing the FrameMaster magazine adapts it to fire either the 16mm Framers Points or the 8mm Glaziers Points. Holds a stack of 100 of either. The 16mm Framers Points help compensate for any cutting errors in the backing board.

For reliable operation, always use genuine Fletcher Framers or Glaziers points in your FrameMaster. The points are wax-free, so will not easily slip out of wood once fired in. If needed, the points can be easily removed with the Fletcher PullMate tool.

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