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Alfamacchine U200 Foot Operated Underpinner

Original price Dhs. 5,100.00
Current price Dhs. 4,880.00

U-200 Foot Operated Underpinner for Quality Bespoke Framing

Expertly engineered by Alfamacchine to become the bestselling foot-operated underpinner in the world. The thoughtful design and very high build quality deliver professional results with ease.

Many of the unique features of the U200 design were influenced by Alfamacchine’s expertise in manufacturing pneumatic and computerized underpinners. Using this experience, Alfamacchine created a foot-operated underpinner of unrivaled quality and value.

Includes full boxes of 7mm, 10mm & 12mm V Nails.

• Double Piston Clamping Mechanism
Inspired by Alfamacchine’s range of pneumatic underpinners, the double piston clamping mechanism evenly distributes pressure, particularly helpful for working with hardwoods.  

• Joins Mouldings Up to 130mm Wide
Multiple V-nail insertion positions allow molding to be joined up to 130mm wide. No other underpinner in the LION range can go this wide. For best results, we recommend adding the optional U200 Moulding Support Wings,

• Two Way Operation & Table Tilt
Set up is intuitive – choose whether to work from the front or rear of the machine; quickly adjust the angle of table tilt. Working from the rear is easier when joining larger frames.

• Spring Loaded Pull Pin Mechanism
Quickly adjust the top clamp to suit the height of the molding. This makes it easy to set the machine to different molding profiles, reducing the capacity for error. Suitable for molding up to 80mm height. 

 Cable Pulley-operated Pedal Actuator
Powerfully inserts v-nails with minimal effort. It also offers good feedback allowing the operator to feel when the v-nail has been fully driven in. Pedal height is adjustable.  

 Unique Power Twist V-Nail Driver Assembly 
Provides trouble-free operation up to 1 million cycles. Switch between v-nail sizes in seconds. The U200 uses Alfamacchine’s Power Twist V Nails that pull the join tightly.

 Fixed Back Fences
The fixed back support gives the user confidence that no adjustment will be needed.

Local Gulf Regional Stockiest -  UAE Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Pakistan, Dubai, Iran, Qatar.

Designed and manufactured in Italy by Alfamacchine 

  • Alfamacchine is a world-renowned Italian manufacturer of high-quality, specialist equipment and consumables for picture framing.  
  • Commercial framers of all sizes choose Alfamacchine for extremely reliable, easy-to-use underpinners and double-miter saws that offer excellent value for money.  
  • The same thoughtful design and superior build quality go into all Alfamacchine equipment.  
  • With Alfamacchine equipment you will get great results, easily.  
  • Alfamacchine is part of the Fletcher Business Group, a group of companies manufacturing engineered solutions for cutting, joining, hanging and automation for the picture framing trade.

Uses Alfamacchine Power Twist V-Nails

  • Unique Power Twist design; the patented taper shape pulls the join tightly together 
  • Manufactured from high-quality steel and coated with an exclusive silicone formula which ensures smooth penetration into the molding. 
  • Available in 5mm, 7mm, 10mm, 12mm, and 15mm sizes in normal and hardwood versions.

Technical Details:

  • Max Width of Moulding: 130mm
  • Max Height of Moulding: 80mm
  • V Nail Capacity: 220 V-Nails
  • Max V Nails Inserted Per Position:  9 V-Nails
  • V-Nail Insertion Positions: Multiple
  • Max Distance Between v-Vails: 180mm

Machine Dimensions & Weight:

  • Work Surface: 330mm x 440mm
  • Width: 450mm (18")
  • Length: 750mm (30")
  • Height: 1280mm (50")
  • Weight: 38kg. (83 lbs.)