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Logan 5000 - 8-ply (3mm) Bevel Mat Cutter

by Logan
Dhs. 275.00
SKU P5000

Logan 4000 Deluxe Pull Style Bevel Mat Cutter

The Logan Model 5000 8‑ply Mat Cutter is designed primarily to cut to 8‑ply mat board but can be adjusted to cut standard 4‑ply mat board as well. This tool features an ergonomic grip, magnetic blade holder with an easy adjustable blade depth knob, plus start and stop indicator for zero overcuts. Compatible with Logan Compact, Artist Elite, and Simplex series mat cutters.

Uses 271 Replacement 8-ply Blades.

Special Order Expected Availability 2-4 Weeks

Product Features / Highlights:

  • Designed cut to 8‑ply and 4‑ply mat board
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Adjustable depth magnetic blade holder
  • Easy adjustable blade depth knob
  • Start and stop indicator for zero overcuts
  • Can use with Compact, Artist Elite, or Simplex series