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Logan Graphics W1002 Deluxe FoamWerks Kit

by Logan
Dhs. 650.00

Product Description:


A complete FoamWerks kit perfect for using standard foam board as a creative medium. Includes all FoamWerks products for a special price.

Product Features / Highlights:


  • WC4010 FoamWerks Rabbet Cutter that is used to trim the edges of 3/16” (3mm) foamboard to form perfect 90 degree angles.
  • WB6020 FoamWerks Freestyle Cutter that can be used to freestyle shapes into 3/16” (3mm) foam board
  • WC6010 FoamWerks Straight/Bevel Cutter which can be used to either 90 degree or 45 degree size up to 3/16” (5mm) foam board.
  • WA3001 FoamWerks Channel Rail 32” (81cm which is scaled to use for marking out cuts, a straight edge side to guide FoamWerks tools and a rubberized non-slip base.
  • WA8001 FoamWerks Circle Cutter that cuts circles 1” to 6” (2.5cm to 15cm) up to ½” (13mm) thick foam board.
  • WC2001 FoamWerks V-Groove Cutter for making seamless 90 degree corners and can be used on foam board up to ½” (13mm) thick.
  • WC6001 FoamWerks Straight Cutter used to size foam board up to ½” (13mm) thick.
  • WD8011 FoamWerks Hole Drill used to drill holes from at  0.28, 0.5 and 0.75 through up to ½” (13mm) thick foam board.
  • 72 page fully illustrated 252 Foam Board Magic book loaded with craft, holiday and architectural projects.
  • Each FoamWerks tool includes 2 each extra blades.
  • Ships in a plain brown box.
  • Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi, Oman, UAE Supplier