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Logan Platinum Edge Model 850 (40″/101cm) Professional Heavy Duty Mat Cutter

by Logan
Dhs. 4,650.00

Product Features / Highlights:

  • Logan 850 (40″/101cm)
  • Logan 855 (48″/122cm) (On Order)
  • Logan 860 (60″/152cm) (On Order)
  • super smooth cutting head ball bearings
  • 4- and 8-ply cutting capability
  • quick-change magnetic blade magazines
  • micro-adjustable magnetic moveable stop
  • 32″ (81cm) removable squaring arm
  • dual cutting head offers both bevel and straight cuts
  • Dubai, UAE Supplier

The Logan Platinum Edge Model 850 Mat Cutter is Logan’s top level professional heavy duty mat cutter designed to perform for large volume mat cutting including production repeat cuts or in a shop with multiple users or in education environments. Starting with the aluminum-anodized base, this cutter is solid from the ground floor and features robust components meant for life long use and ease of adjustment. Featuring super-smooth cutting head action, 4- and 8-ply mat cutting capability, quick-change magnetic blade cartridge, micro-adjustable moving magnetic stop and mat guide, 32″ (81cm) removable scaled squaring arm, and heavy-duty all-metal construction with aluminum base. Use Logan Replacement Blade Model 267. The Platinum Edge is ideal for high volume artists, framers or in an education environment with multiple users.