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Morso F Mitre Guillotine 1500mm Metric (Connect with our team to get the best Discount!)

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Morso F Mitre Guillotine 1500mm Metric

Morso F foot-operated guillotine cuts double 45° miters, in wood and polymer moldings for quality bespoke framing.

  • Cuts with two very sharp blades leave the miter cut faces perfectly smooth and accurate, requiring  no further preparation before joining.
  • Twin return springs automatically return the blades to starting position.
  • Blades are moved in and out with a hand-operated ratchet mechanism. This allows the blades to bite through the molding in small steps. A final shaving cut ensures perfect joins.
  • Offcuts slide down the chute at the rear for collection.
  • The cutting stop and measuring scale system make it easy to set the length while allowing for the molding width. This speeds accurate repeat working.
  • Does not require air or electrical supply.
  • Left-hand molding support is an optional extra, 1007
  • Creates no noise or dust.
  • Centre cut wastage is minimal - app 1mm.
  • Micro-adjustable rebate supports to prevent the rebate lip from cracking when the blades slice through the molding.
  • Supplied with acrylic finger guards and a box guard to give good safety protection.
  • Design is the result of continuous refinement over 50 years of production by Dan-List a/s in Denmark.

Product Specifications:

Max moulding width: 100mm
Max moulding height: 160mm
Table height: 830mm
Max rebate height: 38mm
Overall width: 2150mm
Working space required: Approx 4m
Delivered weight inc packing case: 100kg

Morso F has a 1500mm scale. 830mm table height.

Local Gulf Regional Stockiest -  UAE Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Pakistan, Dubai, Iran, Qatar.