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Morso F PLUS TEN - F+10 - Miter Machine Foot-operated

Dhs. 16,750.00

Morso F PLUS TEN - F+10 - Miter Machine Foot-operated

At 100mm taller than Morso F the table height of 930mm makes repeat working more comfortable for taller users

  • 1500mm scale
  • Complete with left-hand moulding support, 1007

Includes automatic rebate supports which stay in place as the blades advance forward. Makes working a little quicker as otherwise it is sometimes necessary to back the blades off if rebate supports stick against the moulding.

Cuts hard wood, soft wood, plastic and MDF.
The latest machine in the MORSØ range is the manually operated MORSØ F PLUS TEN, which works after the same principles as the MORSØ F. The difference is that the height of the working table has been raised by 100 mm (4”).

Very important:
The working height of the foot pedal is still the same, compared to the standard Morsø F. Especially for taller people the change of height makes the MORSØ F PLUS TEN extremely more convenient and ergonomic to work with. Operators working the machines more than 1 hour a day need the best possible working conditions and this has now been achieved with the extra height.

The main features of the MORSØ F PLUS TEN are:

  • manually operated
  • no compressor or electricity needed
  • ergonomic working height
  • dust free operation
  • noiseless operation
  • superb finish
  • exact 45° degrees cut
  • no extra preparations needed before joining
  • built to last for generations

Product Specifications:

Double miter: 45°
Single miter up to: 90°
Cutting width maximum: 100 mm (4”)
Cutting height maximum: 160 mm (6 1⁄4”)
Square cutting: 65/65 mm (21⁄2”)
Measuring scale up to: 1,500 mm (60”)
Net weight: 90 kilos (198 lbs)

Local Gulf Regional Stockiest -  UAE Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Pakistan, Dubai, Iran, Qatar.