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Power Twist V Nails for Alfamacchine 7mm Normal (Packet)

Dhs. 85.00

Power Twist V Nails for Alfamacchine 7mm

Alfamacchine Genuine brand is manufactured with our Power Twist® pulling power designed to improve the miter joint quality on framed art or woodworking framing assemblies.

The Power Twist® patented design pulls the joint tightly together creating greater performance strength. Manufactured from high-quality steel, and applied with a propriety silicon, allows for smooth penetration into the joining material. 

V-Nails come in 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, and 15 mm sizes offered in a small convenient package or large volume bulk package for use with softwood, hardwood, MDF, and plastic framing materials.

Power Twist V Nails for Alfamacchine is 11mm wide and in 5 lengths. They fit all Alfamacchine underpinners. They are easily identified by the Clear bonding gel. Ideal for most wood & polymer mouldings.

The unique Power Twist V Nail format was designed by Alfamacchine engineers. The patented tapered shape draws the mouldings tightly together. Made in their factory in Italy from high-quality carbon steel. They are bonded with clear gel into sticks of 200 for easy handling.

An occasional operator error is to put v nails upside down. One face is silver - the blunt face. The other face is dark - that is the sharp face. Insert - silver face down, dark face up. V Nails are sometimes referred to as Wedges.

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