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Tru Vue - UltraVue UV70 Glass Specifier

by Tru Vue
Dhs. 59.00
SKU M99-01282

Tru Vue - UltraVue UV70 Glass Specifier


  • Virtually eliminates reflections
  • Filters up to 70% of UV rays
  • Water White substrate provides crystal clear color transmission
  • Light transmission brighten colors and contrast levels
  • Enhanced surface for better durability and easy cleaning
  • Proprietary coating is engineered for permanence.


  • Custom Framing items that are not sensitive to UV damage or items that will be displayed in controlled light environment to limit UV exposure
  • Items that can be reproduced or replaced easily.

Individual Tests

  • Passes ISO 18916 Photographic Activity Test (PAT)
  • Passes RoHS Compliance ASTM B117-03

Technical Info

  • Substrate: Water White Low Iron Glass
  • Coating: Magnetron Sputtered Anti-Reflective
  • Thickness: 2.0mm / .079″
  • Maximum Size: 48″x68″ / 1220mm x 1725mm
  • Reflection: <1% (double-sided)
  • Transmission: >98.5% (total)
  • UV Block: up to 70% of 300nm to 380nm UV rays